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Meet my Pet, Peeve

There's a different creature living in every single American household, and it goes by the name of Peeve. Let me warn you though. My pet Peeve is like dangerous, and you better not like start like petting it, or it could like hurt you. (See, that was a pet peeve right there). Now, this nuisance of a beast boasts 25 different personalities. This is the type of case psychologists dream of. Let me introduce you to each one...

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12 (Rocky) Points

There are two sides to every peso. Cornrows are not for everyone. Your heart strings will be pulled. Bargaining is the best. ATVs are the best form of transportation. Las Conchas is the place to be. Spanish Classes: Go Big or Go Home. Mexican "henna" tattoos are deceiving. Vans and sand don't go together. Max's and Thrifty's are the go-to for picky eaters. The banana boat is worth $6...and so much more. Say adiós to long border waits.

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Makeup Gone Wild

Now came the time girls are most excited for -- The Big Reveal. I had no clue what to expect. I walked into the bathroom and gazed into the toothpaste-specked mirror which I made a mental note to clean later. Who was the stranger staring back at me? I almost let out a scream of disgust!

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Fireworks Fiasco

I didn’t even know what way to put my thumb – was I supposed to point it in the direction we needed to go? Apparently the thumb signal is only native to America, and most countries have their own way of soliciting for a ride. Could we get arrested for doing this? How long was it going to take for someone to pick us up? I hoped we looked nice and not like serial killers.

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47 Thumbs Down

Lisa and Kate weren’t the only ones running out of air in this wannabe thriller, as the movie sucked the life out of us. Cinemark should have offered some complimentary oxygen tanks. I had hopes that the movie would be a perfect, large cannon ball, but in reality, it was one massive, messy belly flop...

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Scottsdale Superhero

With that being said, the flavorful mushroom bruschetta was hands down the best (even though the mushrooms looked like cockroaches). The avocado tasted so fresh it could give Subway a run for its money, and the mozzarella tasted like real cheese. I don’t know exactly what fake cheese would be, but let’s just say it tasted better...

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The tour director commanded us to line up against the neutral-colored wall, as if we were about to take mug shots. A group of about 10 associates lined up in front of us. We felt like slaves on an auction block.

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Heroes, not Zeroes

I have a confession to make. I am 23-years-old and can’t blow up or tie a balloon [...] Don’t let me be that mom someday that throws birthday parties for her kids with no balloons.

Swimming with Sharks

Call me crazy, but I love the idea of being locked in an underwater cage while sharks circle around me baring razor-like teeth. Although I would love to scribble this crazy fantasy off my I-hope-I-don’t-die bucket list, it would also... Continue Reading →

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